Rockvale Tang Soo Do
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About Us

Mr. Hodge began his martial arts training as a child in 1973 and learned from a number of systems, including Kung Fu, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Jiu Jitsu, and attained the certification of instructor (Si-Fu) in Chinese martial arts.  Mr. Hodge also served in the Army, and later returned to Tang Soo Do in 2005, receiving his black belt in 2008.  He is skilled in various weapons specialties in knife, spear and sword.  In addition to teaching, Mr. Hodge is also a Cub Scout Den Leader with Pack 328, Den #1, at Rockvale Elementary School.

Mrs. Kay Hodge began Tang Soo Do in 2005 and earned her black belt in 2008.  Mrs. Hodge also specializes in staff.

Miss Dalyn Hodge attained the status of black belt in 2009 and works with our youngest students.  She also is active with Beta Club and Rockvale Middle School Drama Club, as well as volunteering at church.

Mrs. Jeannette Durham earned her Black Belt in 2010 and specializes in sparring and forms.  Mrs. Durham teaches all aspects of Tang Soo Do.

 Join us at the Rockvale Community Center on Tuesdays and Thursday at 5:30pm at Rockvale Community Cente, located at 9972 Rockvale Road.

Member of Global Tang Soo Do Association